The Geological Society of Estonia (EGEOS) is a non-profit organization that unites geologists working in Estonian geological institutions and people actively involved in the development of geology.

The Society grew out of the Geology Club in 1985. The most active figure in the establishment of the Society was Viktor Kõrvel.

The Society was founded on 31st May 1989 by 45 founder members in the Estonian Project house. The Society is led by a council and a board assigned by the council and it has its own charter.

The main activities of the Society is the organization of communication between members. We organize discussion nights, seminars, conferences, excursions, summer outings, and issue publications. Members of the Society are involved in educating young specialists and pupils interested in geology.

The Society is funded by membership fees and sponsors. 20% of the membership actively take part in the events. However, around half of the members are associated with the Society’s events on a yearly basis.