MAEGS-17 (16.11.2011)
MAEGS-16 (16.11.2011)


Already occured important events
Devonian outcrops of South Estonia (16.06.2003)
Auliikmed (22.04.2013)

The Estonian Geological Society (EGEOS) is a non-profit organisation uniting geologists of various geological establishments of Estonia, as well as people interested in geology.

The Geologists' Club, the predecessor of the Society, came into being in 1985 when geologists initiated discussion meetings on topical themes. In 1989 the Geologists' Club was reorganised and the Estonian Geological Society was founded. EGEOS activities are supervised by Board and Council.

According to the EGEOS Statutes its main aims are:

- improving the professional knowledge and awareness its members;
- promoting and popularising of geology as integral part of national culture;
- competent moulding of the policy of exploration and protection of the Earth's crust and utilisation of mineral resources in Estonia;
- providing expert opinion on current and planned geological research, extraction and utilisation of mineral resources to prevent hazardous, economically unprofitable or illegal activities;
- development of co-operation with geological establishments both in Estonia and abroad;
- raising the scientific level of geological research;
- supporting and assisting of general as well as supplementary training in the field of geology;
- consultations and expert opinions in the field of geology.

EGEOS organises discussions on topical issues, workshops, sporting events (chess, bridge, skiing), excursions, and issues bulletins. Training of pupils interested in geology is arranged and annual awards are given to young geologists. Every three years a world meeting of Estonian geologists is organised.

EGEOS activities are financed by membership fees, supports from collective members and occasionally also from the Earth's crust programme of the Environmental Investment Centre.

Every 2 years board members elect the president of EGEOS (chairman of the board), usually a prominent representative of a leading geological establishment, who has rich experience in the field of geology and who is familiar with the wide range of geological problems of Estonia.